Cap Over Infusion

Our customer required a product to be used in the field of Ophthalmic Surgery. The challenge was to make a component using multiple manufacturing operations and durometers of silicone into one finished component. The goal was to create a functional product with a snap fit on one end, a kink-proof section, and a pressure-sensitive supply line.

Designing a Prototype to Reflect a New Concept
The customer came to MRPC with a new product design to be used in various eye surgeries. It was a new concept that was not in use, and they wanted to test it to see if it would work.

Follow an overview of the process from concept to product creation:

  1. Conception and Redesign – After engaging with the customer to find out what the product’s intended function was to be, we worked with them to redesign certain features so that the product could ultimately be manufactured.
  2. Prototype Tools – In order to make the finished product, our team first created some prototype tools. These consisted of two liquid injection molds and one extrusion die.
  3. Customer Testing – After the initial prototypes were made, our customer testing began. This led to a few critical design changes. The customer asked that certain areas of the product be given different properties in order to snap on to the mating component and stay in place during surgery. In addition the cap end was made stiffer to be able to flex in various directions and to prevent kinking. Also, we made the tube portion stiffer to allow consistent pressure during irrigation.
  4. How We Did It – MRPC was able to accomplish all this through separate manufacturing processes. These included the extrusion of one version of silicone, the molding of another, and the joining of all three components.

Work in Progress
This product has undergone multiple testing operations and clinical trials with great success. We are currently working on a final design change to accommodate some unforeseen circumstances, which were addressed by surgeons. Once this phase is complete, the product will likely be placed in most surgical kits. This case has been an excellent example of the dedication our team brings to every project. We will always work with a customer until the end product serves them as needed.

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