Dry Food Dispenser

The MRPC team has devised solutions for a variety of clients. One example is a project that was presented to us by one of our long-time customers. The customer required our help with a concept for manufacturing multiple components that work together in an assembly. The goal was a finished multi-component product made from various materials to be supplied by a single source.

Creating a Solution to Meet the Client’s Vision
In order to develop the dry food dispenser that our customer had in mind, we took several steps. Below is an overview of the process from start to finish:

  1. Introduction of the Concept - Our customer provided the initial product/component designs for us to review for manufacturing and quoting.
  2. The Collaboration Process Begins – After several meetings between the customer and the MRPC engineering team, we determined how to modify the current product designs. The purpose of this step was to ensure the products would be manufacturable using the injection molding process.
  3. Material Selection – Once a plan was determined, we aided in the selection of raw materials. All of these components had to be NSF, FDA, and EU compliant.
  4. Preliminary Testing – Prior to launching the tool builds, MRPC was then able to use computer-aided flow analysis to predict various aspects of strength and cosmetics.
  5. Tool Building – After verification that the proper part designs and materials were complete, we began the process of tool building.
  6. Further Testing – Once the tooling was complete, our team began sampling and making components that the customer could test.
  7. From Components to Units – Since our company was making virtually all of the components in the assembly, we then began working on a way to provide a full-unit assembly to the customer. Our engineers were also responsible for the sourcing of non-plastic related components.
  8. Specialized Equipment – The MRPC team developed and fabricated special tools and fixtures, which enabled us to build the assembly during the molding cycle of the last component to be molded.
  9. Optional Components – Our company also produces and packages additional accessory components. The client can place these in the final packaging based on what their end customers select.

Providing Manufacturing and Assembly Designs to Meet Your Needs
The team at MRPC takes great pride in exceeding the expectations of our clients. In this case too, we were able to create the ideal product our customer wanted. Once that was done, we also provided the tools, fixtures, and additional components to complete the concept that our customer had envisioned.

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