Intravascular Ventricular Assist System (iVAS)

Our customer for this project is a leader in the cardiac care market. They introduced an exciting new device that assists patients with failing circulation as they await a heart transplant. This is a non-invasive mechanical assist device for advanced heart failure, and it is utilized to improve the lives of patients. This device will help stabilize the heart while being the only portable unit available to such patients. The system is called a bridge to transplant healthcare strategy for patients requiring a heart transplant.

A Groundbreaking Challenge
MRPC was asked to bring together three main components to be part of this novel medical device. These components are the steel tether assembly, a silicone extrusion piece, and the silicone over-molded sensor. All of these parts are produced with MRPC built tooling and fixtures.

Check out our highlights of the process for creating this cutting edge product:

  • Device Production – First, our technicians took the customer-supplied steel tether piece and extruded silicone over the steel strand. This is then taken to the over-molding area where we over-mold an extremely tight-tolerance silicone sensor that is now incorporated into the assembly.
  • Precision Manufacturing – This process showcases MRPC’s extensive capability in silicone extrusion and implantable silicone over-molding manufacturing. The product requirements are very tight tolerances, and the molded parts must be completely free of any flash or contaminants. Everything must be molded in one of MRPC’s Class 7 clean rooms because of the implantable nature of the assembly.

Improving the Lives of Cardiac Care Patients
Our role in creating this groundbreaking device goes beyond servicing our client. The Intravascular Ventricular Assist System (iVAS) could decrease serious risk for transplant patients, who might otherwise be required to undergo open heart surgery while awaiting their transplants. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, one of the first human test subjects to receive the device stated that opting to do so was one of the best decisions he had ever made.

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