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4 Important Traits To Look For In A New Overmolding Vendor

ThinkstockPhotos-466005311-255713-editedSelecting the right vendor for molded medical device components is one of the most important choices you make when creating and manufacturing innovative new medical devices. But what exactly distinguishes one molding company from another? To answer this question, we’re taking a two-part look at the qualities your molding supplier must demonstrate before you make this crucial decision. In our next post, we’ll examine the characteristics of a great micro molding vendor, but first, in Part One, we look at what distinguishes an outstanding overmolding enterprise from the rest.

Why You Need To Work With The Best Overmolding Company

When you’re on the hunt for a new overmolding vendor, it’s important that you find the best supplier possible. Otherwise, you risk exposing your design to subpar medical device components. Poor quality components are likely to ruin an otherwise innovative idea and lead to poor end-use functionality. Make sure the molding companies you are considering for your new or upgraded design have the four qualities outlined below.


1. A Proven Track Record Of Overmolding Excellence

Your potential supplier needs to have a demonstrable history of high-quality overmolding production. Ask the companies under consideration to show you samples of their past work that utilized this intricate process. If your potential new vendor does not have samples of overmolded components that demonstrate experience with plastic molded over plastic, liquid silicone molded over plastic, gum silicone molded over plastic and liquid silicone molded over liquid silicone, then they lack the experience you need to guarantee a high standard of quality for your medical device.


2. Creativity

Once you are confident your potential supplier has a proven history of excellence with overmolded products, you need to ensure that they bring a high level of creativity to the project. A great overmolding company must have a history of developing custom solutions for their customers. Even if a previously used process is applicable to your project, your potential supplier should fully explore their production options before settling on a tried-and-true method.

Don’t blindly accept off-the-shelf molding solutions; make sure your vendor has committed the time and energy to design the best process for you.


3. Foresight 

Imagine this scenario: You submit your blueprint to your potential overmolding partner and they quickly respond with a quote – before asking you any questions. This may seem like an ideal situation for a component buyer in search of quick turnaround, but it’s actually a warning sign. Molding companies that are truly committed to producing outstanding components ask questions. They ask about end use and they ask about how the component integrates into your overall design. They do this because they have the experience and the foresight to anticipate issues that are beyond the specs of a blueprint. If your potential vendor does not ask you any questions prior to delivering a quote, they are not the right partner for your project.


4. Reliability

It’s not a secret that the molding industry’s recent history includes a lot of upheaval. Many companies have gone through leadership changes, or have been acquired by other companies. Such turmoil causes headaches for customers. When you are considering a new molding supplier, you need to be sure that the people you speak with when you receive the quote are the same people you speak with once the production process has begun.

Thoroughly research a company’s history and finances to verify that you get the continuity you need to ensure high-quality components and outstanding service. 

Don’t put your medical device design at risk for end-use failure. Make sure your molding supplier is experienced, creative, thoughtful and reliable to ensure you receive the highest quality medical device components.


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