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4 Solutions To Your Medical Plastic Injection Molding Problems

ThinkstockPhotos-79084618-492538-editedWhen working on a medical device development project, the last thing you want is to run into problems getting high-quality plastic injection molded components. For many medical device designers and component buyers, the problems begin with not knowing how to find the right plastic injection molding supplier to meet their needs.

If you’re currently running into problems related to plastic injection molding with your medical device development project, we have solutions. Learn about some common problems device designers and component buyers run into with plastic injection molding, and the best ways to solve them.

Problem #1: “I Haven’t Worked With A Plastic Injection Molding Supplier Before And I’m Not Sure Where To Turn.”

As medical device designers increasingly abandon metal components in favor of plastic ones, many find themselves on the hunt for a new vendor. As we’ve noted before, choosing the right medical molding supplier is one of the most crucial decisions you make when working on a medical device development project.

With thousands of plastic injection molding companies advertising their services on the internet and in trade publications, you need to be sure that your potential supplier has experience producing the kinds of components you require. For instance, if your project calls for components that combine two materials, you need your potential medical molding supplier to show examples of past work that involved overmolding for the medical industry.

Problem #2: “The Components I Need Are Tiny. Is It Even Possible To Get Components This Small?”

You’re talking about a process known as micro molding, which requires a great deal of molding expertise. General plastic injection molding companies may lack the experience necessary to execute this type of project to medical standards. However, expert companies have the knowledge and experience necessary to produce incredibly small plastic injection molded components.

With component size discrepancies a common cause of production issues and end use failure, you need to verify that your potential plastic injection molding supplier has ample experience with micro molding before placing an orderAlso, make sure to consult with your supplier on the front end to help avoid any barriers that could result in production issues.

Problem #3: “My design is for an implantable device. How can I get the quality I need to avoid harming patients?”

Implantable medical devices demand the highest possible quality components. Due to the superior compatibility of some plastics with human tissue, plastic injection molding-produced components have mostly replaced metals for implantable devices. Still, you must work to determine that your potential molding supplier has a proven track record of working with implantable thermoplastics.

Confirm that your potential vendor performs ISO-certified quality assurance procedures and produces components in ISO-certified clean rooms. If not, the vendor has no business creating plastic injection molded components that end up in a human body.

Problem #4: “My last plastic injection molding supplier ran into huge, costly production delays. How do I ensure a streamlined process?”

The best ways to avoid production delays are to confirm that your potential plastic injection molding supplier is agile enough to meet your needs and to work with that supplier up front to anticipate possible issues. An agile supplier has the experience necessary to tell you if the components in your design are actually able to be molded in a repeatable way.

Inexperienced molders may be able to produce a one-off component prototype, but this does not necessarily mean that the component could be molded exactly the same way every time. Realizing this too late in the process requires that you return to the drawing board, creating huge production delays. Your expert molder should utilize the scientific molding process to determine in advance that the molding process is repeatable. Consulting with your molder in advance also gives you the opportunity to get suggestions for possible cost-saving opportunities with material selection and part design.

Taking the steps needed to identify an expert, agile plastic injection molding supplier helps avoid problems with your medical device development project, and leads you to find a partner that produces high-quality components for you for years to come.

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