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4 Ways To Streamline Your Medical Device Component Overmolding Project

ThinkstockPhotos-467638039-182486-editedWhen you’re working on a new medical device development involving overmolding, you want to get from conception to completion as quickly and efficiently as possible. Even more important, you want to be sure the medical device components you incorporate into your device are of the highest quality available. Streamline your medical device component overmolding project, without sacrificing quality, by following the four tips below.

#1. Work With A Versatile Overmolding Supplier

Working with a versatile overmolding company produces more efficiency than you might expect. If you find yourself working with a supplier that has limited capabilities, you may end up needing to source your components from multiple companies. This adds a lot of time to your medical device development process, since components and materials need to be shipped back and forth between locations. Additionally, each facility processing the materials has to inspect the components to make sure they are clean, which also adds wasted time to the process. Ensuring your vendor has the capability to work with all types of parts and materials in the overmolding process reduces development time for your project. Additionally, working with a vendor committed to employing a scientific molding process further increases efficiencies while reducing waste and production delays by “preventing errors and optimizing the molding process on the front end of the development cycle.”

#2. Get Your Overmolder Involved Early

Getting your overmolding vendor involved early in your medical device development is a great way to expedite the entire process. While you may find yourself tempted to source your parts serially in order to get the lowest prices possible, doing so often leads to delays. You may end up with an insert sourced from a metal supplier that is actually not conducive to the overmolding process. However, you won’t know this crucial information until your experienced supplier informs you. If you’re going to source materials yourself, it’s important that your insert manufacturer and your molding vendor are communicating with each other. Of course, an efficient overmolding supplier is able to source or produce internally all the needed components for you, which saves even more time and avoids production delays.

#3. Provide Information Up Front

As noted in previous blogs, experienced molding vendors ask for more information than is typically provided on a designThey need this information in order to anticipate any production issues, to make sure you’re not using incompatible materials and to possibly even save you money. If your vendor does not request more information beyond the drawing sent with your RFP, there’s a good chance your project could end up mired in a production delay. Although a good overmolding company is likely to pose more detailed questions, you should still provide information to them up front about end-use, other materials, your validation protocols and your overall requirements. This cuts down on the back-and-forth that eventually slows the production process.

#4. Be Flexible With Your Requirements

Remember, when it comes to developing a new medical device, end-use functionality is vital. Obviously, your device and its various components must work together properly, but being flexible with your design requirements where applicable may aid in expediting the production process and even helps you cut costs. Working with an experienced overmolding vendor makes this flexibility even more valuable. Their knowledge of the process and the way different materials interact with each other enables them to offer suggestions, such as replacing a material or offering a slight change to the part geometry that may save you time and money.

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