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5 Ways To Ensure Your Micro Molding Supplier Is Right For Your Design

ThinkstockPhotos-177767774-050418-editedIn this two-part series, we’re taking a look at the attributes of top-notch molding companies. In Part One, we examined the qualities of a potential overmolding vendor. This week, we are examining the traits a great micro molding company should demonstrate to assure you they are the right partner for your project.


Protect Your Project And Your Reputation By Working With The Best

Finding a new micro molding supplier for your medical device design is often a difficult process. Medical device designers and purchasing staff alike need to be sure they’ve found the best vendor possible before making their recommendation to the rest of their team. However, knowing how to determine which micro molding vendor is the best for your project isn’t always easy. To avoid the damage to your professional reputation from recommending the wrong supplier, use the five steps outlined below to ensure your supplier is right for your micro molding needs.


1. Verify Your Supplier Has Ample Experience With Micro Molding

A lot of molding companies place attractive bids on micro molding projects and only then begin to look into their capability to produce the needed components. Inevitably, some suppliers then realize they actually do not have adequate micro molding abilities to complete the project. Don’t let these quick-to-bid companies waste huge amounts of your time and your project’s budget. Instead, work with suppliers that show you samples of micro molded components they have produced in the past to give you peace of mind that they are able to produce your components as well.


2. Confirm Your Supplier Has The Right Equipment To Produce Your Component 

You need to confirm your micro molding supplier has the small precision presses and tools needed to produce quality components. To ensure the best quality for your components, work with a supplier who has made significant investments in specialized equipment, specifically for the micro molding process. Additionally, some suppliers try to save themselves money by building their own tools. However, molding vendors with a true commitment to quality only acquire tools from the best tool manufacturers in the business. This ensures they avoid any decrease in quality that may result from trying to execute a process with a tool not designed for the task.


3. Ask Your Supplier About Process Innovation 

Companies truly committed to outstanding micro molding work devote time and financial resources to innovating their processes. Innovated processes expand production capabilities, reduce errors and speed up the design phase. Working with vendors who implement a holistic approach to their entire micro molding process yields the best results.


4. Make Sure Your Micro Molding Supplier Asks Questions

Beware of molding companies that “bid first and ask questions later.” Because you cannot be expected to know in advance every nuance involved with micro molding (such as material compatibility), you need to utilize a supplier who collaborates with you on front-end design issues and helps you anticipate any end-use issues. Working with a supplier who points out potential roadblocks results in higher quality components and saved time.


5. Determine Whether Your Supplier Is Committed To Waste Reduction 

It’s no secret that the materials involved with micro molding are often quite expensive. This is especially true of liquid silicone rubber and implantable thermoplastic elastomers such as PEEK, PSU and PPSU. Accordingly, it’s important to make sure your supplier has established methods that lead to reduced waste. However, you do not want to work with suppliers who reuse wasted materials, as this may lead to reduced end-use quality and even failure. Instead, work with suppliers who apply holistic processes to their production, resulting in less waste of expensive materials.


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