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A Lesson in Micro Molding from the Experts

It takes time to develop a high level of skill in the extremely specialized and technical area of micro molding, and as MRPC built a focused strategy around medical molding projects, our team has become highly regarded for their knowledge and expertise.

Jeff Randall, our vice president of engineering, recently reviewed the fundamentals of successful medical micro molding for Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI) magazine. In his two-part article, Jeff first discussed the challenges associated with micro molding projects, namely:

  • Choosing the right materials for the component

  • Precisely designing manufacturable molds

  • Conducting rapid prototyping to finalize the design

  • Using simulation to predict manufacturability

  • Reviewing project results through testing

Jeff also shared five tips to help ensure the success of a micro molded component project. By following these specific recommendations, MRPC helps clients achieve their desired results within scope. There are many factors that can contribute to the success of a micro molding project, from component size and feature design to material selection and behavior. Working with an experienced partner can help alleviate the issues that arise during the design and testing process.

The practice of micro molding is continually evolving, as new equipment, materials and technology become available. This is always exciting news as it helps continue the innovation of critical medical devices that help extend and improve patient life. However, it also provides new challenges to even the most experienced molders, who must learn new techniques and technology in order to keep up. In a Q&A with Medical Design Technology magazine, Jeff shared his thoughts on recent industry developments and made some interesting predictions about the future of medical device development.

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