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MRPC Welcomes Two New Hires

MRPC has recently hired Corey Wentz as West Coast Business Development Manager and Eric Powers as Director of Quality Assurance.

Corey Wentz, based in the Los Angeles, California area, will be responsible for developing, defining and closing new business opportunities that build MRPC’s medical device manufacturing position on the West Coast.

“I am very excited to work with a company has some unique capabilities for over molding medical grade thermoplastics and silicone materials that traditionally were thought not to be possible,” said Wentz. “With the trend in the medical industry to make components smaller and less restrictive for the patients, MRPC’s micro molding capabilities for implantable grades of PEEK and silicone also provide me with capabilities that most of my competitors cannot provide. Besides the manufacturing capabilities, it is enjoyable to work with a family-owned company that has hired very talented employees that have a can-do attitude.”

As the Director of Quality Assurance, Eric Powers will focus on improving communication around quality both internally and externally while driving continued improvement in MRPC’s quality processes. With more than 20 years of quality and operations experience in global organizations, Powers is uniquely qualified to support MRPC’s clients by insuring our quality systems align and continue to evolve to support the requirements our customers expect now and into the future.

We are excited to welcome Corey and Eric to our team!


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