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Multi-Material Medical Solutions Designed for Manufacturability

High Consistency Silicone Rubber MoldingHere at MRPC we manufacture components for a diverse array of medical devices, from orthopedic and long-term implantable devices, to neuromodulation and cardiac rhythm devices. While the requirements for each industry and each device differ, one thing remains constant: the fact that each of these devices will go on to play a pivotal role in the life a patient. That’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

Our facility boasts five separate cleanrooms: one Class 10,000 ISO 7 cleanroom, and four Class 100,000 ISO 8 cleanrooms. The materials we work with include liquid silicone and rigid thermoplastics, as well as high consistency rubber (HCR), gum silicone and polyisoprene. We pride ourselves on being able to combine multiple components made from these different materials into a single assembly through chemical and mechanical bonding, as well as through additional assembly methods we have developed for other challenging assemblies.

Many of our clients will bring us one or more concepts for a component and ask for our assistance in choosing a final design. We’ve been in business since 1921, so we’ve accumulated a lot of expertise over the past 91 years. From designing around challenges in the product design to minimizing waste and easing assembly, we can offer suggestions that help optimize the component from a manufacturing standpoint. Once the design is settled we’ll create a robust manufacturing process to support it. Ultimately, our goal is to provide the best solutions at the lowest cost, while always maintaining the highest quality.


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