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Preventative Medical Devices Gaining Ground

Preventative medicine is not often the focus of medical devices designers. Previously, this field was thought to be less profitable and sought-after than creating devices designed for treatments and cures of conditions and illnesses. Now more and more medical companies are putting out devices designed to predict, prevent, and/or detect a patient’s health problems. In the ever-innovating world of medicine, we may soon see much more equipment designed to prevent illness than to treat it.

New devices now exist that are able to predict and detect a heart attack hours before it happens. This knowledge could help prevent the heart attack or at least get the patient to a hospital to get an head start on treatments. With more devices that can predict or prevent disease and illness, health care costs could go down, as well as promoting an overall healthier public. Investing in a preventative device would save thousands of dollars in hospital and medical bills for a patient and his or her family. They could be particularly helpful for patients who have a predisposition or higher risk for certain illnesses. Preventative devices may also be able to keep people out of the hospital or care facilities because the device would do the monitoring job of a doctor or nurse. This trend is just one of the many ways the medical industry is evolving and embracing new technologies.


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