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Two-Material Molding

There are a lot of factors taken into account when designing a medical device. One must not only have a revolutionary idea, but it must also be cost effective and technically possible to manufacture. This is not always an easy feat, especially since there is zero room for error in the functionality of a life-saving medical device. Many device designs require more than one type of material to be most effective, and connecting the pieces can be tricky. MRPC has developed unique processes for molding liquid silicone rubber materials onto metal and plastic, custom rubber materials onto metal, custom rubber materials onto rigid plastic, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE’s) onto rigid plastics and TPE’s onto metal. The development of these high-quality processes enables us to ensure product integrity, and most importantly: its reliability and safety.

Two-_Material_HandleTwo-Material Molding services from MRPC can also improve the fit and function of your final product. It is not always easy to envision your design from the manufacturing standpoint, and we are here to help and offer suggestions on how to improve the design of a part to meet your specified chemical or mechanical bond needs. MRPC is able to chemically or mechanically bond two materials together while ensuring the highest quality. Our chemical bonds are achieved with medical grade primers and, if called for, plasma treatment processes with the rigid substrate components. These services are performed in our certified cleanrooms to give you the best possible end result. Two-Material Molding can also come in handy in the orthopedic, aerospace, and electronics industries. Submit a request for a quote for more information!


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