Medical Device Prototyping

Prototyping medical devices is a crucial step to determine that a device is manufacturable, and that the medical device design meets the specified requirements. Prototyping also offers the opportunity to try different medical device manufacturing processes, and materials, before moving on to production.

Rapid prototyping has been a part of MRPC's DNA for more than a decade. It offers our clients numerous benefits including:

  • Reduction in product development launch times
  • Faster product launches
  • Accelerated quality approval
  • Quicker part iteration process
  • Reduction in technical risks
  • Faster design samples and quoting process

Medical Device Prototyping - 3D Printing

In addition to traditional prototyping processes, we offer rapid prototyping via a 3D printing machine. 3D printing enables us to create parts that can be used to check form, fit, and in some cases function. Leveraging 3D printing for medical device prototyping allows us to quickly create fixtures for assembly and inspection needs. We are able to determine fixture effectiveness rapidly before committing time and money to machined and fabricated fixturing.

Medical Device Prototyping - Going Forward

We plan to continue to evolve our processes for medical device prototyping, with an emphasis on increasing our level of services to our clients. We understand that speed to market is critical to our clients, and prototyping technologies are one way that we can help get your medical product to market, sooner.

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