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Take Your Medical Device Design To The Next Level

When you’re designing and producing medical devices, production delays and end-use failure are two problems you need to avoid. So if your design calls for molded components, it’s important to take everything into consideration up front.

Knowing which factors to consider when selecting materials and drafting part geometries is often complicated, but our free medical molding consultation helps make your design and production process seamless.

Our medical molding experts have vast experience with overmolding, micro molding, liquid silicone (LSR) molding and thermoplastic molding. During your free consultation, they’ll take you through a four-step process to make sure your device functions exactly as desired and that your production process avoids any costly delays.

Your 15- to 30-minute consultation includes:

  • Moldability Design Review
    Our molding experts review your preliminary design to make sure it can be repeatedly molded to your exact specifications.
  • Material Selection
    Selecting the right material produces the perfect balance of cost effectiveness and quality. Our molding experts help you select the right material for your design.
  • Part Print Review
    Our engineering team will thoroughly review your print or CAD model so they fully understand your requirements and your molded components meet your exact needs.
  • Critical Function Overview
    Our molding experts work with you to review your device’s critical end-use functionality to avert potential quality issues and suggest possible efficiency-boosting opportunities.

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