A Deep Dive into DFM – Q&A

Design For ManufacturabilityMedical device companies often want to save costs, and get to market faster, as they also enhance quality and reliability. Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is one of the tools that can be employed to help get a product development project moving toward that end.

Unfortunately, some engineers view DFM as a corporate mandate in their development process without truly recognizing the value it brings. Or, DFM may be employed too early or too late in the design phase to truly gain the full benefits it can provide. As such, it’s important to work with supply chain partners who maintain experience in this capability to enjoy DFM’s complete advantages.

Jeff Randall, PE, vice president and chief technical officer at MRPC, sat down with MPO Magazine to discuss when and why to enlist DFM, and address questions on the ideal phase in which to leverage DFM, its impact on quality, and tools that can aid with its use.

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