At MRPC, we believe in being a total solutions partner. This includes providing device assembly, packaging, and sterilization management of finished medical devices. Clients that take advantage of our medical device manufacturing capabilities will experience multiple benefits including:

  • Shortened and simplified supply chain
  • Reduced time to market
  • Total control over the program
  • Improved quality

Medical Device Assembly Capabilities

Our medical device assembly capabilities align with client requirements including:

As a finished medical device manufacturer, we offer delivery that can be direct to the end customer, to a customer’s distribution partner, to the customer’s dock-to-stock receiving department, or to your approved contract sterilization house.

Clean Room Assembly

MRPC has multiple clean rooms for molding and assembly of your medical device in our controlled and certified environment. As part of our offering, we will inspect, assemble, test and package your components within the same room to eliminate any chance of outside contamination. We also provide FDA registration for assemblies to assist you with compliance needs.

We have ISO 7 (Class 10,000) & ISO 8 (Class 100,000) certified clean rooms to meet your needs.

MRPC provides various product assembly services within our clean room areas. We can combine multiple components into one integral assembly if you prefer, all within the controlled environment of the clean room. We typically explore these opportunities during initial design stages of your product to provide the best possible product solution at the most competitive cost. MRPC is experienced with numerous assembly methods, and we invest in automation equipment to optimize these processes.

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