MRPC Announces Multiple New Hires And Promotions To Meet Company Growth

MRPC, a fully integrated contract manufacturer of medical device assemblies and components, announces multiple new hires, and promotions, at their headquarters location in Butler, WI.

Over the past several months, MRPC stepped up recruitment and retention efforts, with a focus on enhancing the existing team, and building upon their core competencies of Design For Manufacturability, Silicone Molding, Plastic Molding & Extrusions, Multi-Material Molding, Finished Medical Device Assembly and Global Supply Chain Development & Management.

Our team has grown over the last several months in order to meet the growing need of our clients and company growth,” said Greg Riemer, President & CEO at MRPC. “We are thrilled to announce these new hires, and well-deserved promotions. Our intent is to continue to recruit and hire top talent to add to our existing teams in Butler, WI, Hudson, NH and Largo, FL.”

The new hires demonstrate MRPC’s commitment to customer success by continuing to grow a strong, customer-centric team.

Eric Pipkin joined the Butler, WI team as Technical Operations Manager. Eric will be responsible for leading a team to determine methods and processes to be used in manufacturing, as well as targeting and managing projects for productivity.

Kelly Effert joined the Butler, WI team as Sr. Project Engineer. Kelly will be responsible for leading a cross-functional team through the quoting stage of medical device component programs, all the way through program launch.

Denise Sawdey and Jason Sansone joined the team in Butler, WI as Process Engineers. They will be conducting and supporting process development to define best methods to support complex engineering programs. In addition, they will be critical members of the continuous improvement program for the manufacturing team.

Megan Cotter joined the team in Butler, WI as Continual Improvement/Trainer. Megan will be responsible for the delivery of continual improvement and training programs to the manufacturing team, supporting the removal of waste and creation of depth and competency within the workforce.

Jenny Norvik joined the team in Butler, WI as Payroll Specialist/Accounting Assistant. Jenny will be responsible for bi-weekly payroll processing, reviewing hours from the ERP system, processing vacation requests and executing necessary payroll reports.

In addition to these new hires, MRPC announced three promotions.

Phil Burn, who was hired in 2021, has been promoted to Manufacturing Engineering Manager.

Jared Halderman, who has been with MRPC since 2018, has been promoted to Sr. Quality Engineer.

Brunson Parish, who has been with MRPC for thirteen years, has been promoted to Director of Technology Development.

MRPC is currently seeking additional, talented individuals to join their team. Please visit our website for current, open positions at our locations in Butler, WI, Hudson, NH and Largo, FL.

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