MRPC Brings 3D Printing In-House

Rapid prototyping is not new to MRPC — it has been part of our DNA for over a decade. Rapid prototyping, however, continues to evolve and we are finding new and innovative ways to deploy these technologies to reduce product development cycle times and accelerate product launches.

Recently, we invested in a 3D printing machine with the goal of expanding our rapid prototyping offerings to our clients. 3D printing enables us to create parts that can be used to check form, fit, and in some cases function. Using this technology, we can accelerate the quality approval process and speed up the process of part iteration.

Often unseen by our clients, this technology enables us to quickly create fixtures for assembly of parts, or to create inspection fixtures. The 3D printed fixture provides a preview of fixture effectiveness before committing time and money to machined and fabricated fixturing. Many times, the 3D printed fixture is all that is needed, allowing us to bypass more expensive and longer lead-time fixturing.

Bringing this technology in-house allows MRPC to reduce lead-times for these fixtures — further reducing overall project timelines.

Our goal is to continue to evolve our use of rapid prototyping and create a scenario that continues to increase the benefits to our clients. If you are interested in discussing rapid prototyping and how MRPC may use this technology to speed your product to market, please contact us.

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