MRPC Drives Significant Gains in Production Quality for Manufacturing Clients

Consistent results and repeatability encourage manufacturers to bring production back to United States — MRPC, a single-source provider of medical device components and assemblies, has created significant quality improvements for two clients that brought production of their molded components back to the United States from offshore manufacturers. These clients selected MRPC based on their extensive expertise, innovative production practices and ability to solve product issues through rigorous testing and quality measures.

While these clients initially transitioned their manufacturing productions to offshore molders to drive cost savings, they quickly realized that these savings were achieved at the expense of component quality. For many manufacturers, the cost advantages of offshoring the molding of their components are negligible when the expense of international shipping is factored in. Offshoring can also be challenging for manufacturers in highly regulated industries, where material quality and certifications must be factored into the production process.

“It is important for manufacturers to consider all aspects of a project when selecting a molding partner — not just cost,” said Greg Riemer, President of MRPC. “While cost savings are certainly a critical factor for many companies, there are various other benefits that come from working with a local manufacturer, including ease of communications, streamlined logistics, patent coverage and industry-specific certifications.”

MRPC’s recent addition of Quality Director Eric Powers is a testament to MRPC’s commitment to quality, and in this role Powers will focus on improving communication around quality both internally and externally while driving continued improvement in MRPC’s quality processes. With over 20 years of quality and operations experience in global organizations, Powers is uniquely qualified to support MRPC’s clients as they transition production of their molded components away from offshore manufacturers.

“I have seen firsthand the limitations that overseas manufacturers have when it comes to production quality,” said Powers. “A production strategy focused solely on cost drives companies to choose offshore production, but MRPC can address common communication and quality issues that arise in these types of engagements.”

MRPC’s quality focus extends to its molding processes and technology, as the company works to create highly repeatable, automated processes that create consistent results throughout a molding project. By using scientific molding principles and applying rigorous standards to every element of the process, MRPC can improve outcomes for clients who require a high level of quality in their molded components.

“MRPC keeps quality at the forefront of everything we do,” Riemer said. “Our team of experts is focused on delivering high quality products to every client, and this runs through every area of our organization. Whether it’s operations, quality or even our executive leadership team, the customer is always kept top of mind.”

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