The Importance of Family-Owned In Medical Device Manufacturing

MRPC is a family-owned, single-source provider of medical device components, and has been for three generations. The family-owned background is important to us, and we believe it is a great benefit to our employees and clients as well.

For us, family-owned means that MRPC is built on family values. We approach both our client relationships, and our employee relationships with these family values in mind. We treat our employees well, and in turn, we ask them to treat our clients well.

This family-owned background also means that we have client relationships that date back 50-60 years. Why? Because we’ve cultivated those relationships along the way, through the generations that have owned MRPC. It’s also because we work with our clients on their challenges and work together to solve those challenges in a cost-effective way. This collaboration will not be going away — we believe in this approach, and believe it is mutually beneficial to all involved.

This family-owned approach also enables us to focus on the future of the company, our employees and our clients. We are able to understand trends in the marketplace, along with client needs, and react quickly, if needed, to respond to these trends and needs.

Our family-owned background dates back for decades, and we are proud of that fact, and plan to keep that tradition going.

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