Who We Are

MRPC is a world class, FDA Registered, and ISO 13485 certified full contract manufacturer of medical devices, instruments, and disposables. With full range product lifecycle capabilities including design assistance, development, and manufacturing, MRPC is a turn-key manufacturing partner to some of the world’s largest medical device companies.

Core Competencies

Design for Manufacturability

The Design for Manufacturability process is a key engineering practice employed by MRPC to ensure ease of manufacturing, improve quality, reduce costs and reduce time-to-market.

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Silicone Molding, Plastic Molding & Extrusions

MRPC utilizes a systematic approach to projects involving clean room silicone and plastic injection molding. We start by assisting customers in design for moldability through SOLIDWORKS® Plastics and other software’s.

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Multi-Material Molding

MRPC has developed unique processes for multi-material molding of dissimilar materials onto each other, and gaining the properties of both materials. Our multi-material molding processes ensure product integrity, reliability and safety, while improving the form, fit and function of your final product.

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Finished Medical Device Assembly

At MRPC, we believe in being a total solutions partner. This includes providing device assembly, packaging, and sterilization management of finished medical devices.

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Global Supply Chain Development & Management

As your full-service medical device contract manufacturer, your projects will benefit from MRPC’s streamlined efficiencies. Thatʼs why we offer full global supply chain development and management.

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MRPCʼs headquarters are located in Butler, WI. MRPC has additional locations in Largo, FL and Hudson, NH, and partnerships in APAC.

MRPC Headquarters MRPC – Northeast Division MRPC – Southeast Division

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