Cleanroom Expansion Sets MRPC Up for Growth & New Opportunities in Butler, WI

Medical Molding Cleanroom

MRPC, a fully integrated contract manufacturer of medical device assemblies and components, recently completed a cleanroom expansion project at their Headquarters location in Butler, WI.

The eight-month project focused on repurposing existing space within one of their manufacturing buildings into a state-of-the-art cleanroom. Repurposing the space enabled MRPC to add cleanroom capacity for growth opportunities at their Headquarters location.

This cleanroom houses multiple new machines including vertical molding machines to process high consistency silicone rubber (HCR), automated thermoplastic injection molding machines to handle secondary processes, and automation with vision systems machines, which will check for part critical to quality features. The automation is designed to divert suspect conditions from the production stream. Automation, which has become a need for the medical device industry, was a priority for this cleanroom as it provides value to the internal team at MRPC, as well as their customers.

Cleanroom & Automation

Automation, to include real-time process monitoring, was a focus of this cleanroom expansion project,” said Carl Lider, MRPC’s Chief Operating Officer. “Automation enables us to redeploy the MRPC talent to perform more value-added work instead of the repetitive tasks that automation can handle, and it enables us to standardize repeatable processes and offer customers more competitive solutions.

The new cleanroom created space for device assembly, packaging and other finished medical device assembly processes. This was an important output of the expansion as it aligns with one of MRPC’s core competencies, Finished Medical Device Assembly, and a growing need for its customers.

“This cleanroom expansion project is an investment in our team, and in our customers. The new technology supports success on the project side, and on the customer side, because it creates efficiencies while enhancing product quality, said Carl. “The completion of this cleanroom further demonstrates our focus on world class medical device manufacturing and our commitment to growing and expanding to meet our current, and prospective customer needs.”

As a result of this expansion project, MRPC has grown their overall cleanroom footprint, increased capacity, and is poised for growth and future opportunities. MRPC is in the process of expanding cleanroom space to accommodate additional automation, at their Headquarters location.

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