The Role of Automation in Medical Device Manufacturing Q&A

The use of automation in the medical device manufacturing industry has become a need for both the manufacturers and for their clients. Automation can eliminate human error or a lack of appropriate training with a high degree of repeatability and quality. Additionally, it can be used to perform monotonous tasks, enabling a company to re-deploy its workforce to perform more value-added work.

Pivoting quickly from low-run, to mid-run or high-run projects, ramping up quickly, lowering project and client costs, and creating the ability to redeploy employees to more value-add, less repetitive tasks are prime reasons for implementing automation.

Phil Burn, our Manufacturing Engineering Manager, sat down with MPO Magazine to discuss the benefits and opportunities for automation in medical device manufacturing and address common questions that OEMs have when considering automation, or a supply partner who uses automated systems.

Check out the complete The Role of Automation in Medical Device Manufacturing—A Medtech Makers Q&A for all the details.

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