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Headquartered in Butler, WI, MRPC is a family-owned, single-source provider of medical device components. The company began in 1921 during major industrial growth in Milwaukee. MRPC supplied rubber and thermoplastic components for some of the world’s leading producers of small engines, power tools, plumbing supplies, electrical systems, and brewing and bottling equipment.

As business grew, so did MRPC’s reputation for quality, service and delivery. In addition to industrial products, the company also produced rubber and plastic medical device components early on. Realizing the medical market was a significant opportunity for the future, company leaders gradually shifted focus toward medical components.

By the 1980s, MRPC began converting some of its molding facilities into clean room manufacturing environments to support the medical device community. In 2012, MRPC acquired ETI, a silicone molder in Largo, FL. The addition expanded MRPC’s capacity and widened its presence in the southeastern and eastern U.S.

In 2016, MRPC acquired Johnson Precision (JPI) based in Hudson, NH, a global supplier of plastic injection-molded components and assemblies. Now known as MRPC Northeast, this acquisition added mold-making capabilities for in-house tool building, more clean room capacity, and expertise in thermoplastic molding and assemblies for medical devices.

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Unique in the Molding Industry

MRPC is truly unique among other molders in the industry.

Long history of molding silicone rubber. While other thermoplastic molders only recently started over-molding with silicone rubbers, MRPC began with silicone rubbers and established expertise many years ago, specifically in tooling and bonding agents. Today, MRPC continues as an industry leader in silicone rubber over-molding.

Materials expertise. Sourcing, developing and understanding materials and their interactions is a notable strength of MRPC. Few companies combine MRPC’s level of material expertise with multi-material manufacturing capabilities, and even fewer offer it from one main facility with highly expert professionals.

Relatively small, family-owned company. In a sea of medical molders that have been consolidated into large companies, MRPC stands out with its closely held ownership, stable customer relationships, local funding and growth.

Flexibility. As problem-solvers in a smaller, more nimble work culture, MRPC welcomes opportunities to partner with our customers to solve product design or manufacturing problems.

A high value on IP. MRPC attracts customers in the highly competitive medical market who know that their intellectual property will reside with us, versus an unknown entity as may occur with larger multinational companies.


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