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The Unique Challenges of Implantable Molding

Every component MRPC creates is unique. Each project starts with a customer’s vision, which is translated into specific requirements, and is brought to life by a formal process of product design, testing and production. We use the principles of scientific molding to improve consistency and quality while reducing waste, and our processes help ensure that […..]

A Lesson in Micro Molding from the Experts

It takes time to develop a high level of skill in the extremely specialized and technical area of micro molding, and as MRPC built a focused strategy around medical molding projects, our team has become highly regarded for their knowledge and expertise.

MRPC Celebrates Expansion

On June 6th MRPC celebrated the completion of the new clean-room and office expansion at the Butler, WI headquarters. The 15,000-square-foot expansion broke ground in May 2013 and brings the total size of the plant to 100,000 square feet. We invited employees and families as well as our business partners, Shareholders, and Board of Directors […..]

MRPC: “Not Just Another Rust Belt Molding Shop”

Plant Services recently featured a profile on MRPC’s transformation from a molded rubber and plastics corporation to the single-source provider of medical device components and assemblies we are today. The name MRPC once stood for “Molded Rubber and Plastics Corporation,” and we served a multitude of industries with molded rubber and plastics needs. Today, we […..]

Two-Material Molding

There are a lot of factors taken into account when designing a medical device. One must not only have a revolutionary idea, but it must also be cost effective and technically possible to manufacture. This is not always an easy feat, especially since there is zero room for error in the functionality of a life-saving […..]

Preventative Medical Devices Gaining Ground

Preventative medicine is not often the focus of medical devices designers. Previously, this field was thought to be less profitable and sought-after than creating devices designed for treatments and cures of conditions and illnesses. Now more and more medical companies are putting out devices designed to predict, prevent, and/or detect a patient’s health problems. In […..]

Inside the Cleanroom

In today’s medical manufacturing world you see a lot of innovation and advancement in device design, but there’s one thing that is truly imperative and often overlooked in the process of making these designs a reality: Cleanrooms. The goal of cleanrooms is to keep environmental pollutants to an absolute minimum. This is very important when […..]

Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here at MRPC we are experts in two-material applications and the custom manufacturing of silicone, medical rubber, and thermoplastic products, but we want to take the time to answer a few frequently asked questions about who we are, what we do, and how we do it!

3-D Printing in the Medical Device Industry

You may have heard about the tiny customized splint made with a 3-D printer that saved an infant’s life recently. The rapidly advancing technology is making a big splash in the medical community with its wide variety of applications. Innovators are seeing some success creating bone-like materials and other implantable medical devices with the technology, […..]

Micro Molding & Material Integration in Implantable Devices

The demand for minimally invasive procedures is growing. Patients want to spend less time and money on the operating table and in the recovery room. However, minimally invasive procedures often require minimally invasive medical devices. Such small devices can be highly complex and difficult to make, and thus device manufacturers have needed to come up […..]


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